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All Year Round Luxury Beachwear

Alessio Beachwear

At Alessio we create a range of beachwear that is unique to our own designs. Each statement piece is cut and made to the highest standard, in-house, by our own experienced team.

We make only a small amount of each range which not only makes our products highly exclusive but also brings refined sense of style and individuality.

Beachwear Products

We offer an exclusive and stylish range of Swimwear, Bikinis, Headwear, Cover-ups and accessories for girls and ladies of all ages.

My Mini Alessio



The name Alessio comes from my lovely Grandad who recently passed away. His name, as you may have noticed, is Italian and he was a real source of inspiration and support to me and I wanted a fitting way to keep his memory alive through my business.

As a lover of beach holidays and therefore beachwear my inspiration to start my beachwear business came as a consequence of frustration in being able to find Kaftans and Bikini’s that stood out from the crowd and brought some individuality.

On holiday at a beach club I noticed that whilst all the girls had beautiful beachwear, they were pretty much all dressed in similar styles and fabrics, which got me thinking……

As I like to be a bit different I decided to take matters into my own hand and started designing and making my own swimwear for me and my young daughter so we were matching. I was amazed at the number of people who approached us to compliment us on our outfits and matching accessories. They seemed to love the individuality and designs…. The rest they say is history, I was hooked and committed to bring something new and fresh and bespoke to the beachwear scene.


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Hear What Our Clients Say

"I have purchased beachwear over the years but this product and this company have taken it to the next level. Exceptional!."

Lucas Richardson

"The company and staffs are excellent!."

Doe James 


Get Away Goals

Go worldwide with Alessio this summer...Add some luxury to your beachwear with our range of kaftans cover ups and head candy . Our range has individuality wrote all over it. You won't find it anywhere else .. you seen it here first!!


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Alessio Beachwear

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Alessio Beachwear


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